When we founded totuma (in 1999 according to Hubert and / or 2001 according to Vladimir) only a handful of motion graphic companies existed in Latin america. Our main competence where the north american big motion design studios that produce the majority of graphic packages for the -at the time- emerging market of cable channels in the Latin american region. The quality and production values of those packages was unquestionable, but there where huge cultural mistakes, like assuming that Spain and Latin america where the same and than a taco and a chihuahua worked as a icon for all of us. Our strategy was then to position ourself as a motion design company that truly understand the region, the culture… mostly because we lived, and breathe, in it…

"We're Latin america. We know latin america. We understand the magic realism of existing in this latitudes, in this culture. We know how to communicate with this diversity of people that speak spanish and feels in many different ways. A fusion of race, history and culture."

2002.Bda latin america
Prize: Gold
Category: Reel
Project: Reel totuma faces
Client: Totuma
Submitted by: Totuma

Creative Direction
Hubert Reinfeld
Vladimir Mihalkov
Edward Thomas

Vladimir Mihalkov

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